Unity Unveils New AI Products, Including a "text to video games" platform

Unity Unveils New AI Products, Including a "text to video games" platform

Unity Technologies, the renowned gaming and entertainment company, has unveiled its latest lineup of AI products that are set to revolutionize the creative process and enhance real-time experiences. Unity believes that AI will impact every aspect of content creation, from systems to objects to pixels, offering unparalleled possibilities for developers and creators.

Leading the charge is Unity Muse, an expansive AI platform that accelerates the creation of real-time 3D applications and experiences, including video games and digital twins. With Muse, creators can harness the power of natural inputs like text prompts and sketches to build almost anything within the Unity Editor. To aid developers further, Unity has launched Muse Chat as part of the closed beta program. This AI-based search feature enables quick access to well-structured and up-to-date information from Unity's extensive documentation, training resources, and support content, expediting development and troubleshooting processes.

But that's not all. Unity Sentis is another game-changer that seamlessly integrates neural networks with the Unity Runtime. This groundbreaking technology allows developers to embed AI models directly into their games or applications, resulting in immersive gameplay and enhanced functionality on end-user platforms. Sentis offers a cross-platform solution, enabling AI models to run on various devices where Unity is supported, from mobile to PC, web, and popular game consoles like Nintendo Switch™ and Sony PlayStation®. By leveraging the user's device, Sentis eliminates complexities, latency, and hosting costs associated with cloud-based model deployment.

In addition to their in-house offerings, Unity has partnered with leading third-party providers to introduce AI Verified Solutions on the Unity Asset Store. These professional-grade AI solutions, developed by providers such as Atlas, Convai, Inworld AI, Layer AI, Leonardo Ai, LMNT, Modl.ai, Polyhive, Replica Studios, and Zibra AI, cater to diverse needs within the creative process. From AI-powered smart NPCs to AI-generated VFX, textures, sprites, 3D models, and even generative speech, these solutions are designed to accelerate and support creative endeavors.

Unity Technologies understands the value of collaboration and user feedback in refining its AI offerings. By actively engaging with its community during the closed beta phase, Unity aims to continuously improve the Muse and Sentis platforms, ensuring they align with the needs and expectations of developers. With a commitment to innovation and productivity, Unity is poised to redefine the boundaries of creativity and unlock new possibilities in the gaming, entertainment, and industrial sectors.

As Unity Muse and Sentis step into the closed beta phase, developers and creators have a unique opportunity to shape the future of AI-driven content creation. Unity Technologies' dedication to advancing AI technology, coupled with its emphasis on collaboration, sets the stage for a transformative era in the creative landscape.