This is your AI on internet

This is your AI on internet

🤖 A lot of ink has been devoted to understanding how the internet has impacted human intelligence. Now it looks like the same network is destroying artificial intelligence as well.

That’s the word from Stanford, where researchers noticed a disturbing trend: ChatGPT’s reliability has been tanking.

“We find that the performance and behavior of both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 can vary greatly over time. For example, GPT-4 (March 2023) was very good at identifying prime numbers (accuracy 97.6%) but GPT-4 (June 2023) was very poor on these same questions (accuracy 2.4%).”

  • In better news, GPT-4 has better jailbreaking detection capabilities than v3.5.
  • But the downward trend is worrying, and researchers are working on improvements.
  • Evaluation data can be viewed here.

AI News

🇺🇸 Committed?

Seven AI companies met with Joe Biden last week to make voluntary "commitments" that their products will be safe and transparent.

👩🏾‍💻 Demographic discrimination

Does removing things like ethnicity and zip code help or hinder the job interview process? Machine learning algorithms could make discrimination worse if they’re not included.

🔹 Bipartisan blue ribbons

Representative Ted Lieu has set up a blue ribbon commission to study the risks of AI—and it’s being embraced across the aisle.

🦾 Robot reporters

Google is testing a tool that uses AI to write news stories—and has pitched the NY Times, WaPo, The Wall St Journal, and others.

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🍎 Apple GPT

Apple is getting in on AI, though no clear strategy has been released.

🌕 Moonshot

The NHS is preparing to use AI to analyze X-rays and mammograms, with the hopes of making cancer tests quicker and more accurate.

🧠 Brain waves

Australia's Office of National Intelligence just awarded researchers a $600,000 grant to merge human brain cells with AI.

💰 Microsoft monetization

Microsoft’s subscription model just got even pricier, with users coughing up $30/month for it’s AI tools.

⚾️ Bet on this

Sports betting is getting an AI makeover—and odds-makers are concerned.

💻 Engineering AI

Across industries, engineers are figuring out how to integrate generative AI into their workflow—and create meaningful products.

AI Tools

🪰 Fireflies

Automate your meeting notes process with automatic transcriptions, summaries, and voice analysis.


AI image generator with a variety of prompting and resizing options.

🌎 Products of Place

Products of Place visualizes a speculative near-future where an AI-powered design process generates products with materials that are locally abundant and specific to place.