Ryff Revolutionizes Advertising with AI-Driven Virtual Product Placement

Ryff Revolutionizes Advertising with AI-Driven Virtual Product Placement

Ryff's innovative platform, Spheera, is set to launch on July 4, connecting a trillion hours of visual media from various sources with 53 million brands across the globe.

Ryff, the pioneer of Virtual Product Placement (VPP), is set to unveil its ground-breaking advertising platform, Spheera, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to insert digital product placements from major brands into existing television shows and commercials.

Ryff CEO Roy Taylor, alongside an industry icon from the music world and Simon Goldberg from media and entertainment lawyers SMB, will present this revolutionary platform to a select group of entertainment industry leaders at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) in Piccadilly, London.

Spheera, set to launch on July 4, aims to connect a trillion hours of visual media from storytellers, creators, TV and film studios, streamers, and broadcasters with 53 million small, medium, and large brands worldwide. The platform has been integrated with various content platforms and channels, including Sky TV, ITV, A&E, Hallmark, Viacom, Channel 4, CBS, Viu TV, ESPN, Hulu, Apple TV, Paramount+, NBC, and others.

According to Gartner, by 2024, 70% of brands are projected to allocate at least 10% of their media budget to VPP in entertainment content. Andrew Frank, an analyst at Gartner Marketing practice, emphasizes that "smarter marketing leads to deeper, more valuable connections between customers and brands."

New York-based research firm Radicle Insights, in collaboration with Chapman University Film School, predicts that TV channels such as NBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Disney could potentially make hundreds of millions of dollars from VPP.

Ryff’s proprietary AI and machine learning capabilities, coupled with visual computing, can identify 'shoppable moments' to brands in North America and Europe for 250,000 hours of the currently available streaming catalog shows, including live sports and new TV and film. This innovative approach is aimed at renewing the somewhat stagnant product placement industry, fostering stronger connections between brands and their customers.

Spheera provides brands, advertisers, and content owners the ability to search a growing library of over 2000 TV shows, films, and sports to find Virtual Placement Opportunities (VPOs) placements suited to their products and target markets. The platform also enables creators to maintain complete creative control of their content.

Academy Award-winning Director Ari Sandel (Goosebumps2, When We First Met, The Duff) praises Ryff's technology, stating that it allows filmmakers to benefit from brand dollars without interrupting the creative process.

Ted Schilowitz, futurist at Paramount Pictures, recognizes Ryff as one of the most forward-thinking platforms for dynamic digital product insertion. "Ryff is well on their way to achieving their goals," he commented.

Ryff, founded in 2018, has already earned recognition for its innovative approach, winning the Comcast AI Lift-Off Challenge and Fast Company’s Next Big Thing in Tech.

The upcoming London event will offer attendees an exclusive look at the platform through a product demonstration, and an opportunity to learn about Ryff’s AI technology. It will also highlight how adopting an innovative approach to fractional advertising has transformed how brands and content can connect with new audiences.

By leveraging proprietary AI technology to create VPP opportunities, Ryff is leading the way in rewriting traditional product placement rules in the advertising industry. As a more affordable, effective, and flexible solution, Ryff is at the forefront of entertainment and advertising, leading the new breed of Hollywood players into the future of brand integration.