Roll AI: Reinventing iOS and Web Video Creation with AI

Roll AI: Reinventing iOS and Web Video Creation with AI

In a time where AI-driven apps are dominating the digital space, Roll AI, a revolutionary video creation and collaboration platform, has just announced its launch for iOS and web. Harnessing the power of advanced generative AI, Roll AI brings professional video effects, typically requiring high-end equipment, directly to iPhone users.

Roll AI's ground-breaking technology uses proprietary AI models to transform iPhone footage into a 3D environment. This breakthrough allows users to simulate professional-level filming techniques such as side-panning, dolly, and crane movements in post-production, giving the footage a professional touch. Users can also add text overlay effects and create stunning bokeh, a studio effect that blurs the background for focus emphasis.

The platform doubles as an automatic video editor, utilizing AI to generate edits for publishing. Roll AI captures metadata from the footage and uses this information to intelligently reframe hosts and generate scene transitions based on conversations happening in the video.

Roll AI, available starting today, offers two cohesive products that form the entire platform: a dedicated iOS app for recording videos and a web-based app for previewing, editing, and downloading the captured footage.

Promising sharper videos than any other iPhone capture application in the market, Roll AI sets the bar high with its use of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). This superior video compression standard delivers high-quality videos at the same bitrate. The platform supports up to eight call participants, with one host controlling the recording.

Multi-cam Mode, an impressive feature that captures both wide and close-up shots simultaneously, brings a new level of dynamism to iPhone videos. This feature, along with the text overlay, dolly, and pan effects, can only be applied to videos shot in Multi-cam Mode.

Pairing the iOS app with the web app converts the iPhone into a wireless webcam that serves as a high-end camera alternative for productions like podcasts or webinars. This feature is especially beneficial for smaller productions lacking the budget for professional recording studios.

"Creating great video is a massive upfront investment in gear, equipment, learning how to use that gear, software for editing — we’re getting rid of all of that,” says Roll co-founder Faizan Buzdar.

Roll AI’s offering is unique in the market due to its post-production editing features. The platform offers a few membership tiers, including a $49 per month Creator tier with five hours of recording time each month, and a Pro tier that includes 15 hours of monthly recording and allowances for three additional editors for $199 per month. The company also offers a one-time two-hour-long recording session for users wanting to experience the service before committing.

With Roll AI's entry, the landscape of video creation and editing is poised to undergo a transformation, offering a fresh, AI-powered approach to the traditional process.