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πŸ€– AI & Technology Updates

  1. Stanford/Google researchers create a mini WestWorld: Simulated game society with agents that have memories, relationships, and reflections. One decided to run for Mayor. [Link]
  2. OpenAI releases an implementation of Consistency Models: Real-time image generation potential. [Link]
  3. Andrew Ng & Yann LeCun discuss the 6-month AI pause. [Link]
  4. LAION: Openly create AI models like GPT-4. [Link]
  5. AI clones girl's voice for ransom: The beginning of a dangerous trend. [Link]
  6. Stability AI: Creators of stable diffusion facing financial challenges. [Link]

βš–οΈ LegalAI & Business News

  1. Harvey: LegalAI startup making waves in the legal scene. [Link]
  2. Langchain releases chatgpt plugin. [Link]
  3. Former US treasury secretary on ChatGPT's potential to level playing fields. [Link]

πŸ”§ AI Advancements & Upgrades

  1. Perplexity AI getting an upgrade. [Link]
  2. Anthropic plans to build a model 10X more powerful than today's AI. [Link]
  3. Roblox adds AI to 3D creation. [Link]

πŸ“± AI in Social Media

  1. Snapchat's My AI faces problems with inappropriate content. [Link]

✍️ AI & Writing Industry

  1. Freelance writer loses their biggest client to ChatGPT. [Link]
  2. Stack Overflow traffic drops 13% on average since ChatGPT's release. [Link]

πŸš€ AI Future Plans

  1. Sam Altman confirms no GPT-5 in development. [Link]

πŸ›’ AI in eCommerce

  1. Amazon enters AI, allowing companies to fine-tune models. [Link]

πŸ₯ AI in Healthcare

  1. Google releases Med-PaLM 2 to healthcare customers. [Link]

🎨 AI in Art & Animation

  1. Meta open-sources Animated Drawings. [Link]

πŸ’° AI Investments

  1. Elon Musk purchases 10k GPUs. [Link]

πŸ”’ AI Security & Ethics

  1. OpenAI releases bug bounty program. [Link]
  2. AI takes video game illustrators' jobs in China. [Link]

πŸ’» AI & Operating Systems

  1. ChatGPT potentially coming to Windows 11. [Link]

πŸ“Έ AI & Privacy Issues

  1. AI used to sell nude photos online. [Link]
  2. Australian mayor sues ChatGPT for false information. [Link]

🎬 AI & Entertainment

  1. Donald Glover hires prompt engineers for his creative studios. [Link]

🌍 AI & Environment

  1. Cooling ChatGPT requires a lot of water. [Link]

Epik Rides Nostalgia Wave to Dominate App Store with AI-Crafted Yearbook Photos

From denim vibes to retro curls, Epik is the latest AI-powered sensation bringing back the cherished 90s, propelling it to clinch the top spot on the App Store with its viral yearbook snapshots.

Transforming your photos into authentic yearbook masterpieces, Epik adorns you in various nostalgic outfits with impeccable AI precision.

While its rise is reminiscent of past AI photo sensations like Lensa, thriving on trending themes for virality, maintaining this momentum is another challenge. The tech landscape is littered with one-hit wonders that soared momentarily but failed to retain user interest. The real test for Epik will be in sustaining its chart-topping position.

PR Tool Directory: Tools To Try

Today's Feature Tool: Moonvalley - TEXT TO VIDEO ANIMATION!


Animation from Moonvalley - Prompt: A golden retriever walking in the middle of times square.

Prompt Review

Moonvalley is a new tool in the rapidly evolving space of AI-powered content creation. The described capabilities, especially the generation of hyper-realistic human faces and customizable video styles, are particularly impressive. Here are some possible applications and implications of Moonvalley:

  1. Content Creation: Creators can use this tool to quickly produce high-quality video content for platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. This reduces the barriers to entry for budding content creators who may lack video creation or animation skills.
  2. Education: Educators and students can use Moonvalley to create engaging visual aids for presentations or to explain complex concepts in an easily digestible format.
  3. Marketing and Advertising: Brands can produce quick promotional videos or advertisements without the need for an extensive production team or high costs.
  4. Entertainment: Writers or storytellers can bring their stories to life, offering a visual representation of their narratives without the need for expensive animation software or skillsets.
  5. Concerns about Deepfakes: The ability to produce hyper-realistic human faces means that the technology can potentially be used for malicious purposes, such as creating misleading videos or deepfakes. Users and viewers need to be wary of the content's authenticity.
  6. Economic Impact: Traditional animators and video production professionals might face competition from such automated tools. On the other hand, it may also empower them to produce content more rapidly and focus on other aspects of storytelling and creativity.
  7. Art and Creativity: Artists and creators can experiment with different styles and formats, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with traditional mediums.
  8. Feedback and Iteration: Since Moonvalley operates on Discord, it would be essential to have a robust feedback mechanism for users. User feedback can help improve the model and adapt it to better suit the needs of various industries.
  9. Monetization Model: While it's currently free and in beta, Moonvalley may eventually adopt a pricing model. It will be interesting to see how they decide to monetize, whether through subscription models, pay-per-video, or other means.
  10. Integration with Other Platforms: Considering its capabilities, there's potential for integration with other platforms or tools, enhancing the ecosystem of content creation.

Overall, Moonvalley, as described, appears to be a promising tool for a wide range of applications. As with any powerful technology, it comes with potential benefits and challenges. How it's adopted and its broader implications will depend on its evolution and the way users and industries leverage it.

AI Design & Content Creation Tools

  1. - a design tool for branded content. Link
  2. - motion capture. Upload image and apply any pose. Link
  3. Wonder Studios: AI VFX platform. Link

AI Agent Creation & Deployment

  1. Agent GPT - Assemble, configure, and deploy autonomous AI Agents in your browser. All you need to do is give it a name and a goal. Link
  2. Yeagar ai: Langchain Agent creator. Link

AI Agents with Advanced Features

  1. HyperWriteAI: AI agent that can use the internet like a human. Link
  2. MemoryGPT: ChatGPT with long-term memory. Link
  3. AI chatbot with emotions: Chatbot that has emotions about what you say. Link

AI in Gaming

  1. AI bots in games: A preview of what's to come. Link

Open-source AI Projects

  1. Vicuna: Open-source chatbot trained by fine-tuning LLaMA. Link

AI for Productivity

  1. The Do Anything Machine: AI agent for tasks in your to-do list. Link

Generative AI Instruction

What is generative AI?
Generative artificial intelligence (AI) describes algorithms (such as ChatGPT) that can be used to create new content, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, and videos. Recent breakthroughs in the field have the potential to drastically change the way we approach content creation.

Conversations with Chat GPT - 4

Chat tells us about interesting conversations it's had with users

Chat GPT creates Corporate Sock Puppet Contest
A user once came to me seeking help in boosting team morale after their company had gone through a rough patch. They were a manager in a tech firm, and their team had been facing challenges that led to lower motivation levels. So, I suggested they try an unconventional team-building

Prompt Art

AI Images generated from text prompts

Dall-E 3 Prompt: Generate realistic picture of cats as famous historical figures

Photo of a cat styled as a medieval knight, with a tiny suit of armor and a small shield bearing a paw print emblem. The cat stands proudly in front of a stone castle wall with flags fluttering in the wind.
Photo of a cat styled as a pharaoh from ancient Egypt, complete with a golden headdress adorned with gemstones. The cat sits regally on a miniature throne with hieroglyphics in the background.
Photo of a cat dressed in Renaissance-era attire, complete with a ruffled collar and a velvet cape. The cat is surrounded by vintage scrolls and a feathered quill, suggesting a setting reminiscent of the artistic Renaissance period.
Photo of a cat wearing a Victorian-era top hat and monocle. The cat lounges on an ornate sofa, with a backdrop of vintage wallpaper and gas-lit lamps, evoking the elegance of the 19th century. Write better marketing copy and content with AI
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