News Corp Sees 75% Profit Decline but Bets Big on AI for Future Growth

News Corp Sees 75% Profit Decline but Bets Big on AI for Future Growth
Photo by AbsolutVision / Unsplash

In a recent financial report, News Corporation, the media giant behind renowned brands like The Sun, The Times, and Harper Collins, has announced a substantial 75% drop in profits. Despite this downturn, Chief Executive Robert Thomson remains bullish about the company's prospects, thanks to the promising landscape of artificial intelligence (AI).

The company's net income for the fiscal year ending June 30 plummeted to $187 million, a stark contrast to the previous year's $760 million. This decline is attributed to various factors, including higher newsprint and sports programming costs, lower book sales, and unfavorable foreign currency fluctuations.

Nonetheless, Thomson highlights the "remarkable opportunity" offered by AI, specifically generative AI. This technology, capable of creating text, images, audio, and other forms of media, has the potential to reshape News Corp's fortunes. Thomson believes it can pave the way for new revenue streams while streamlining operational costs.

Notably, News Corp has already witnessed a significant shift in revenue sources. For the first time, digital products contributed to over 50% of the company's annual revenues, marking a significant milestone. Thomson anticipates this momentum will gain traction as generative AI gains prominence.

Thomson's optimism extends beyond mere speculation. The company is actively negotiating to determine the value of its unique content and intellectual property, recognizing their pivotal role in the future of AI. This strategic move aligns with the company's overarching goal to leverage AI-generated content for revenue growth.

Despite the challenges posed by the decline in profits, News Corp's results demonstrate resilience, reinforced by stringent cost controls and the adaptability of its revenue streams. Thomson's upbeat outlook is also fueled by external factors such as easing inflation, stable interest rates, and signs of stability in the housing market.

As News Corp pivots towards embracing AI-generated content, it enters a transformative phase. With AI's potential to revolutionize various aspects of media creation, the company's bet on this technology might just pave the way for a new era of growth and innovation in the media landscape.