AI assistants enhance customer - agent relationships

AI assistants enhance customer - agent relationships
Photo by Charanjeet Dhiman / Unsplash

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming a multitude of industries, with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) being one of them. While humans remain at the helm of nuanced and sensitive customer experience interactions, AI-powered tools are undeniably elevating the efficiency and precision of various BPO processes.

However, AI often provokes feelings of uncertainty and apprehension amongst the workforce, with fears of job replacement or the intimidating challenge of mastering a new technology. It is crucial to educate and equip teams to leverage AI as a supportive tool that enhances their daily operations instead of impeding them.

Microsoft's Vice President of Modern Work and Business Applications, Jared Spataro, offers a perspective shift. He advises thinking of AI as a human workforce "co-pilot," an assistant that enhances the customer-agent relationship rather than an ominous threat to job security. Recent studies have shown a positive outlook towards AI amongst agents, with 63% of them believing that AI will aid them in faster information retrieval.

AI can be a valuable asset in understanding customers' preferences and habits. A 2021 study by McKinsey found that 71% of consumers expect personalized interactions from companies. AI's power to analyze vast amounts of data efficiently helps to meet these expectations by providing meaningful insights into customer interactions across various channels, thereby enabling agents to deliver more personalized service.

AI tools can also help alleviate human error in mundane tasks such as data inputting, allowing agents to focus on resolving more nuanced customer issues.

Moreover, AI can optimize the day-to-day operations of a customer experience agent. Tasks like call screening can be handled efficiently by AI, enabling more effective interactions between customers and agents.

In a study by McKinsey, only 21% of organizations reported embedding AI into multiple business units or functions. To maximize AI's value, it's important to strategically map out where AI can provide the most benefit. Regular training sessions and workshops are crucial in making employees feel confident about utilizing AI tools effectively.

Contrary to common fears, automation will not take over human jobs. Instead, with adequate training and guidance, it can serve as a powerful tool to enhance the workforce's effectiveness, especially in customer interactions. BPOs need to ensure that they provide continuous training and support to their teams, empowering them to utilize AI to their advantage confidently.